Dear Brothers and Sisters in Africa! Dear Members of ATF!

The year 2016 is coming to an end soon and I wish you and your families a warmest festive season. Last year we achieved a lot of goals for our ITF on the African Continent and I want to thank all who has been co-operative and hard working for our common goal – to make the ITF strong in Africa.

The establishment of the ATF for sure had a big impact on our membership development especially in Ethiopia. Let us use this situation and the positive energy which we took from it to do the next steps.

One of the steps should be the consolidation of the member countries which are new and still small. We also need a better structure in some countries concerning the membership matter e.g. annual fee so that the Member Federations / Associations can work properly.

I have to say it again:  we can only be successful as a team working and supporting each other.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the members of the development team – Masters McNairn and Santaniello and Instructors Enander and Morris.

Sincerely Yours
GM Paul Weiler