4th African Cup in Pretoria (South Africa) = more than to celebrate the 60th TKD anniversary!
There were many possibilities to celebrate the 60 anniversary of Taekwon-Do last weekend and to honour our TKD Father, General Choi Hong-Hi. In Africa we did it with the organization of the 4th African Cup on April 11th in Pretoria (South Africa).

TASA = Taekwon-Do Association South Africa under the leadership of sabum Bert Gey van Pittius and his entire team did a excellent job to make this tournament successful. My sincere thanks and compliments goes to all who were involved!

Two goldmedalists (Jamaica and Madagascar)

This 4th edition of the African Cup in Pretoria (three had been held already in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia) was a step into the future of the south part of the Continent because this was the first time in history of our ITF that this kind of tournament has been organized in that region. 4 African countries participated ( Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe) and even though South Africa has a common border with Mozambique and Zimbabwe the competitors had a long journey by bus (more than one day). The flight from Madagascar (a new ITF member) was with almost 3,5 hours more convenient. The longest trip to arrive there had the team from Jamaica and everybody appreciated very much the attendance of this team. It was really an international atmosphere with some spectacular performances.

Additional to the competition many friendships were build.

The first step has been done now in that region and more will be following in the near future.

Master Paul Weiler

Friendship: Jamaica and Zimbabwe
Pattern, II Degree: Mozambique versus South Africa















Friendship: Jamaica and Zimbabwe



Two goldmedalists (Jamaica and Madagascar)












Pattern, II Degree:


Mozambique versus South Africa