Ethiopian International TKD Association – again starting point for ITF history

Since 2008 the Ethiopian International Taekwon-Do Association (EITA) was the starting point for the ITF on the African Continent e.g. 1st IIC in Africa and the African TKD Cup ITF. Now it was the 1st Kid’s course being held on the African Continent on July 28th and 29th (Monday and Tuesday) by Master Nardizzi (8th degree and Chairman of the Kid’s Committee). 60+ instructors and 15 kids participated at the two days course to learn with great interest and with joy. Master Nardizzi taught all facets of the program and was impressed with the participation of instructors from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Sweden. The interest for the Kid’s course is not only very big by the instructors but also and especially by the authorities (e.g. Ministry of Sport) so that we have to plan and organise more of this seminars in Africa.

Master Nardizzi explains games to the Kids and Instructors

Sparring seminar with Sabum Tomaz Barada – an absolute experience
The expectations for the 1st sparring seminar of the former multiple ITF European and World Champion in sparring in ITF and WACO, Sabum Tomaz Barada (6th degree from Slovenia) in Addis Ababa were very high and the response was overwhelming: around 400 participants (red and black belts) attended the seminar on July 30th (Wednesday) and on July31st (Thursday) more than 250 and it was an absolut experience for them. Sabum Barada mediated very superior fighting techniques and tactics for sparring competition and impressed by his speed and his good sense of distance. He promised to come back and to help with sparring equipment.

Sabum Barada demonstrating a counter attack
Red- and blackbelt participants for the sparring and pattern seminars (not all on the photo)

Pattern and step sparring seminar with more than 250 participants
Every day throughout the week a pattern seminar and a umpire seminar was given by Master Weiler and on Friday, August 1st a step sparring seminar.

Step sparring seminar on August 1st2

Donation for Ethiopia – two wireless electronic systems
The donations for Africa made it possible that Master Weiler was able to present two brand new electronic systems to the President of the Association, Sabum Wogayehu Behailu. The systems will be now the property of EITA and a big support for the future professional work and were already used for both the referees course and the 3rd African Taekwon-Do CUP ITF.

Donation for EITA at the referees course (two electronic systems and laptops)

Sabum Wogayehu Behailu – first 6th degree of the ITF in Africa      
On Tuesday, July 29th, the President of EITA, Sabum Wogayehu Behailu was promoted to 6th degree by the following promotion committee: Masters Donato Nardizzi and Paul Weiler and Sabum’s Tomaz Barada and Niklas Enander. Wogayehu Behailu is now the first ITF instructor on the African Continent with a 6th degree black belt. Congratulations!

Also congratulations to the following candidates:
Promoted to 5th degree:         Abebe Worku and Yigebawal Cheru
Promoted to 4th degree:         Solomon Tsegaye and Abdisa Geleta
Promoted to 3rd degree:         Yibekal Adisu, Tewodros Adane, Oumer Abdrazak, Wubeshet Teka, Wondesen Birhanu, Kidst Sebsebe, Fasika Wehaba, Jemal Nuri, Kemal Kasim.

I have to mention Kemal Kasim for a very special reason: he is the young man on our ITF website (please compare the small film) performing the amazing special breaking. He has been promoted to third degree and did a wonderful promotion test. I want to start some help for him to get a “new leg” = artificial leg especially for sportsman and will come back to this plan very soon.

Kemal Kasim (right) before his promotion


Wogayehu Behailu (center) first 6th degree
Last promotion on Sunday evening

3rd African Taekwon-Do Cup ITF on Saturday and Sunday (August 2nd and 3rd) – new participation record!
The EITA Board of Directors and the Tournament Committee had decided to allow the tournament participation only for red- and blackbelts (and not for green- or bluebelts as in the years before).

Nevertheless 450 competitors (juniors and seniors) with more than 600 starts in pattern, sparring and power breaking on three rings participated at the two day event and provided a new participation record. Competitors from Kenya, Sweden and Uganda were guarantor for international atmosphere and even the Embassador of Uganda was in the hall.

Fighting scene at ring no 1

Ethiopian International Taekwon-Do Association (EITA) approaches to membership of 10.000!
With the support of the ITF and the very hard and good work of the EITA Board the Association has nearly doubled the number of members in the last five years and it approaches to membership of 10.000 in 75 clubs! It has government recognition and support and has drawn attention to itself by many activities. Congratulations for this!
New activities are planned and will be implemented next year.

Please allow me to add some information from my point of view:
It was now my 10th visit to Ethiopia since 2008 and I saw the development from the very beginning. Technically and organisationally they made big steps ahead and the progress is amazing. I am very proud of this development and the achievement of the members of the EITA Board of Directors.

Master Paul Weiler
ITF Senior Vice-President

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